Why Should You Be Using a Fitness Tracker?

Does wearing a fitness tracker make a person fit or conscious of fitness?

Does that really mean that millions of people sporting that fitness band will not suffer from any sort of heart disease? Or gastroenterological problems? Or high blood sugar levels?

Is it really so? Or it just remains with them as a mere accessory?

What can a fitness tracker do for you?

Fitness trackers are the bands adorned by us to keep a track of our physical activities. They also help in monitoring the functioning of our body. It acts like a pedometer keeping the account of steps we take each day. The fitness tracker also has other impressive features like measuring our skin temperature, the oxygen level in the blood, heart rate, body weight, and perspiration rate.

Few brands have launched these fitness trackers that are believed to measure your sleep along with all the above-mentioned features. Summing up all of this, it seems that the fitness tracker is useful to the humans. The modern world which is inhabited by fitness conscious individuals can feel to be empowered by medical expertise by possessing a fitness tracker. There is no need to visit a doctor to get a routine check-up done.

Brands that launched fitness trackers

There are many companies that have been successful in launching fitness bands like Garmin Vivofit, Nike+ FuelBand, Misfit Shine, Basis Peak, and Magellan Echo.

There are fitness tracking applications built in the Apple watches and Samsung gear watches. Thus wearable health tracking devices are a big hit with people all around the world.

How useful are these fitness trackers?

No one can guarantee the accuracy of such devices. The accuracy of the measurements monitored depends on various factors. And sometimes those factors are beyond the tracker’s programming abilities.

Suppose you are curious about the accuracy factor, you can do a test. Wear two to three fitness trackers of different brands and see the result. They will give varying readings after the monitoring of our functioning of the body. Now can you imagine how useful it is?

These fitness bands cannot overpower conventional methods of body check-up and monitor the body functioning. And in the case of measuring sleep, scientists have oppugned that how does wearing a fitness band around your wrist help to measure sleep when sleep is actually measured by brain waves. Point to be noted, please.

You are logical enough to decide how much useful are these fitness trackers.

In nutshell

Fitness trackers definitely help us to some extent by giving initial readings of the intensity of our physical activities and it helps to keep us motivated.

That does not mean that we can depend entirely on these fitness bands to keep a track of our fitness level. No matter how much advanced these trackers are, it can never be accurate and possess the expertise a doctor is empowered with.

So use a tracker if you want to but do not get into the mad rush to possess it just to make yourself feel as a self-proclaimed doctor.

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