Self-Tanning Mistakes We Are Guilty Of Making

You want to be a member of a bronze club, but not sure where to start? Lighter skin would choose to burn itself much easily than to get tanned. And this is where the trouble starts! On the days when we do get to bask in the sun, we get hold of that SPF. This makes sure that no harmful sun rays penetrate. It will also ensure that you don’t get tanned! *Sigh*

And we sure do know that we make mistakes in this whole process of self-tanning. Thus to ensure that you are on the right track and achieve that self-tanning that you longed for so long, here are a few quick tips to make you win the game!

Applying tanner to just the ‘visible’ parts

We often end up ignoring our butt while wearing jeans. But for sure, you would like to have that uniform bronze shading rather than looking jumbled from different angles. A uniform self-tanning further makes you look slimmer and confident. Thus, for those days when you think you will skip your stomach as you are wearing a kaftan, go an extra mile and cover it!

Using tanner to fight with age spots!

Well, that’s quite wise of you! Tan would help you in concealing those dim patches. But let’s face it. It won’t do much good! Applying a layer of self-tanner on your age spots would obscure the age spots the same way as it obscures your skin! Thus, get rid of those age spots with the help of a  non-oil-based cream. And then apply the tanner with the help of a Q-tip so that you are not obscuring them!

Uneven application

In an event when you are using a colourless formula, it would be difficult to make out if the product is been applied to a certain area or not. A colored formula based cream could help you here in judging better.

You are too impatient to let it set

You can easily stain your clothes if you don’t give enough time to your tanner. Some self-tanner would effortlessly transfer to your clothes or sheets without a second thought. It is thus always advised to give your tanner a window of 15 to 20 minutes before you choose to come in contact with the dressing. If you are in a hurry, use the cool shot setting on your hairdryer to get it settled quickly.

You are not treating tricky areas with that extra care!

Never treat tricky areas like feet, hands, elbows and knees the same way as you do the rest of the body! Result – these parts will appear more tanned giving you a jumbled look. It is thus better to apply a small quantity of the product here. Even better, mix a moisturizer before applying at such places. This would make sure that you are not applying the same amount of product as you did to other areas.

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