Beauty Hacks You Should Never Ever Try

Applied any beauty hack and it misfired?

Well, it is not something very unusual. Nowadays, social media brings so many weird beauty hacks to all of us. And not necessarily all of them turn out to work wonders.

There are few beauty hacks that should never be followed as it can be dangerous or merely futile.

Please Do Not Try These Beauty Hacks Ever

  • Putting glue on your face to get rid of blackheads

There are bloggers who show that applying glue on your face and then peeling it off as it dries can help you get rid of blackheads.

The reality is that it never works. In fact, you should never try this as the glue is not something that is formulated to use on your face-skin. Dermatologists strongly oppose this beauty hack as they warn people about the side effects glue can cause to your skin. You can develop itchiness, pigmentation and red patches all over your face if you have an extremely sensitive skin.

  • Rubbing garlic on a pimple will make it disappear

Few bloggers say that you can rub garlic on a pimple to make it vanish.

But it never works. Garlic will never help eradicate a pimple from your face. Instead of that, it can cause irritation to your skin.

  • Applying a mix of mashed papaya and turmeric on the face will clear facial hair

It is shown that if you want to clear facial hair, you need to apply the paste of papaya and turmeric. This mixture will prevent facial hair to reappear.

Do not try this beauty hack ever as it is a total waste of time. Nothing happens on applying the mix of papaya and turmeric. If you really want to get rid of your facial hair then opt for threading or any other chemical treatments.

  • Using clear nail polish to conceal cold sores

There are some beauty bloggers who displayed how to use clear nail polish to conceal cold sores and glide the lipstick effortlessly over it. The process includes dabbing a little bit of clear nail polish on the cold sore and you can put the lipstick over it which makes the cold sore almost invisible.

Never try this beauty hack. Lips are very sensitive and to dab nail polish on it is never recommended by a dermatologist. In fact, nail polish will hinder the recovery of the cold sore and its curing would take a long time.

  • Use a solution of Listerine, vinegar and warm water to remove dead skin off the feet

Bloggers say to soak your feet in the solution of Listerine, vinegar and warm water to remove the dead skin off your feet.

It is a bogus trick. Do not try this ever as it may turn your feet green or blue depending on the type of Listerine you use.

The social media may have given you many beauty hacks that have proven to be good remedies to your cosmetic plights but few of the highlighted beauty hacks should never be tried.

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