What a Successful Weight Loss Plan Comprises Of?

Have you ever counted how many times you have pulled out that exquisite outfit from your closet and thrust it back because you could not fit into it?

Moreover, it gets on your nerves when you bump into that one lean person who feeds like a glutton and still maintains to carry a slim figure, whereas you tend to grow fat every time you breathe in air.

Instead of frustrating yourself by fretting about your heavy bodyweight, do some research and undertake a weight loss plan.

Take Expert Opinion

This should be the initial step while commencing on a weight loss plan. Before you begin, make sure you visit a nutritionist or a doctor to take advice on losing your excess of bodyweight. They are the ones who would tell you how much weight you should lose in order to stay healthy.

They would calculate your BMI (body mass index) and decide how much weight loss would be beneficial for you. You could also take their expert suggestions for your weight loss diet plan.

Which Weight Loss Plan Is Suitable For You?

After seeking advice from the experts, it should be only you to choose your weight loss plan. Please do not act like a naïve while selecting your weight loss plan.

There should be few points kept in mind while choosing a weight loss plan. You should decide what should be the time span of your weight loss plan. It means that within how many days, weeks or months you want to lose weight.

Next, you should decide, as per your doctor’s advice, how many extra pounds you want to shed off within the chosen time span of the weight loss regimen. You should also check whether the weight loss plan carries any health risks or not.

Your Weight Loss Plan Should Be Characteristic Of:

  • Healthy food habits with low-calorie intakes
  • Energetic physical activities
  • A slow and gradual loss of weight [Though there are many people who prefer rapid weight loss, it is not recommended as the healthier one]
  • Tactics of not regaining the lost pounds in the long run
  • Weekly check of healthy weight loss by progress charts

Examples Of Few Weight Loss Plans

According to www.womensday.com, you can lose ten pounds in six days. The weight loss plan includes a consumption of 300 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch, and 500 calories for dinner and you can indulge in a 150 calorie sweets and dessert limit. This weight loss plan can be pulled off for a month for best results.

You can also opt for Dr. Oz’s two-week weight loss instructions for getting back into shape.

The transition of a 28 waist size to a 36 waist size happens without any effort and too many indulgences whereas the transition from a 36 waist size to a 28 waist size takes a lot of effort, determination and obviously, a proper weight loss plan.

Get back to shape and stay fit.

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