Focus on These 8 Places Where Face Shows its Aging (Along with DIY Solutions)

Aging is a natural phenomenon for all beings and no one can avoid that but you can most definitely delay it if you know the appropriate tricks for the same. Tension is a key factor that speeds up your aging process. Firstly, to delay the aging process, you need to stop worry about time and age. You can surely hold on your age and remain evergreen if you follow a few suggestions and tricks to rejuvenate your aging skin.

The 8 most common signs of aging and how to avoid them

Creepy and Wrinkled Skin

This is the most prominent sign of aging. Surely you wouldn’t want your skin to loosen up and sag at any cost. As you grow older your skin starts sagging and fine lines appear. Care must be taken to avoid them in the first place.

DIY Solution: You can start by using sunscreen regularly whenever you are out in the sun. This helps in restoring the skin quality. Some sunscreens also contain firming peptides that help to hold on to the sagging skin.

Dark Circles

Most of you have faced the problem of dark circles at some point. It is troublesome when you are putting on makeup as nothing seems to be able to hide it perfectly.

DIY Solution: Eye cream containing retinol, hyaluronic acid, and natural sugar has shown positive results to remove the dark patch. A good sleep is also helpful in this case. If nothing seems to work, use a concealer to hide it temporarily.

Dull and Patchy Skin

Loss of elastin and collagen due to age is a major factor for this. It is also a cause of dry, broken skin. Uneven distribution of melanin is another reason for it.

DIY Solution: Use any product that contains vitamin, retinol, antioxidants, peptides and amino acids. This will help you get a smoother and even toned skin.

Age Spots

Overproduction of melanin may cause sun spots which may spoil your overall appearance and cause pigmentation of the skin.

DIY solution: Use a suitable sunscreen for the same. You can also look for Hydroquinone as an ingredient in your skin care product. This will help to lighten the skin by breaking down the melanin.

Double Chin

Accumulation of fat during aging may lead to the formation of a double chin and it might not be a suitable condition for you. To look your best avoid it in the first place, if not, at least try to reduce it.

DIY Solution: Skin, especially neck-tightening creams are somewhat helpful in this case. Proper diet and exercise may also come in handy.

Heavy eyelids

The eyes are the most beautiful and prominent feature in any person. Heavy eyelids due to aging will make you look not as beautiful as you mean to look.

DIY Solution: Skin tightening creams that contain retinol and vitamin A tend to stimulate collagen formation and hence make the eyelids look lighter. If it does not work out that well for you, use a sunglass when you go outdoors.

Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are a major concern for middle-aged people these days.

DIY Solution: Do not use tweezers to shape your eyebrows in the hope that they might look fuller. Instead, use hair revitalizers to do the trick for you.

Hollowing face

When the cheekbone drop, your confidence drops with it.

DIY Solution: All you can do in this case is to use sunscreen to protect the skin from aging.

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