Women’s Obsession with Plumper Lips Explained

Well, the Kylie Jenner plumper lip challenge that happened some months ago took a lot of people by surprise. But it is shocking to know a lot of women are obsessing over getting plumper lips. Women have always wanted plump and full lips. Just like other issues with beauty, even this is due to the desire of being more attractive to people of the opposite sex. However, women go to extremes trying to make this happen and a few of them end up with a duck face or bruised lips. Women must know it is not worth it. Anyway, why is there so much frenzy over the plumper lips?

Men like them

When given a choice between full lips and thin lips, men usually prefer plumper lips. They are appealing and seem more kissable. Even women agree that they find the fuller lips highly attractive. If you think the names of the celebrities that men find hot, you will come up with the names of Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. They are both bombshells and have got really envious lips. But one must know men wouldn’t just be attracted to the lips. Their eyes are attracted to other features of a woman’s physique as well. It is okay if you just smear red lipstick on your lips.

Celebrity status

For a long while, women have desired to be like their loved celebrities. They work out to obtain similar bodies like those of the celebrities. So, is it really surprising if the women are obsessed with having plumper lips too? What women tend to forget is that they would not have a makeup team or Photoshop expert who would be ready to make their lips look full and perfect. Check out the before and after shots of famous celebrities and you’d know even the women who’re the sexiest will possess thinner lips. They all had the means of faking the look and we don’t. Celebrities go with fillers, surgery or injections to make up for things they feel they lack. Normal women have got bills to think about!

Bragging on social media

Social media is both good and bad. There’s nothing that could make you feel bad about yourself than going through every single picture of your friends and you are being taunted. There would come a point where the woman is made to feel so that she is not good looking. Instagram, Facebook or Twitter have made the possibilities of spreading awareness to people about their lip-job related issues.

Full seems younger

This idea is yet again older, but is still effective. Tell a woman that you know a product that would work for anti ageing and she would buy it. Women want to look younger than their real age. They would be ready to do everything to see to it that it happens. Full lips apparently help in looking younger and hence the reason.

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