Is the Fountain of Youth Really in the Sea?

How often do you hear about a new anti-aging product offering the world to you on a platter, promising anti-wrinkle results and skin perfection? How often do you open up a magazine and see an advertisement for a similarly advertised anti-aging product? Chances are, you feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that come at you on a daily basis. And you’re probably still left wondering about which one works best or is really for you, since obviously you can’t try all of them.

So, what’s the best way to go when you’re looking for a new product to help you slow down aging and keep your youthful glow? One of the best places to go is science, so if you keep your eyes on the latest scientifically researched skin care studies, you’ll start getting the answers you seek.

If you already do this or if you don’t, you may or may not have heard about the new type of product offering a lot of promise for youthful looks in your skin care regime. And, the most interesting thing about this product is where you can find the ingredient—at the bottom of the sea. Maybe the ocean really offers the fountain of youth after all.

So, what is the ingredient? Read on and you’ll find out about what some of the recent scientific skin care studies are telling us about the most promising new ingredient to your anti-aging regime.

The Sea of Anti-Aging Promise

So what’s in the sea that promises such awesome skin care results? The answer lies in sea urchins, and what they offer to anti-aging concepts as an answer to prevent agingin skin

MDI Biological Laboratory recently conducted studies taking a look at sea urchins and their regenerative capabilities. There are three different species of sea urchins, and each offer three different life spans. The whole point behind looking at sea urchins was to try and pinpoint their ability to regenerate aging genes as well their species mainstay of recreating body parts that they lost or injured, and find out what this could offer to human beings.

Sea Urchins

So, why sea urchins? Well, first of all, they can regenerate, which is something that is both well-known but not much studied, and can offer some promise to human beings. And second of all, sea urchins have a genetic program that is close to humans, which is something most people really aren’t aware of.

You’re probably wondering what the scientists discovered. Initially they assumed that as sea urchins got older, they would not be able to use their ability to regenerate as effectively, sort of like the way humans age. However, interestingly enough, this was not the case.

The scientists discovered that age and the ability to regenerate for sea urchins really had no correlation. Sea urchins can continue to regenerate their tissue quite effectively all the way up to the end of their lifespans.

Learning more about sea urchins means there is a lot of promise out there as far as what’s in store for aging humans, differing from what science thought before.

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