3 Ways to shape Your Body Without Hitting The Gym

Having a toned and shaped up body has become an all-time dream come true. Stomach fat is the main cause of the misery of many. Those of you who hate to spend time in the gym and couldn’t compromise with food, here are 3 top ways to shape your body. Yes, there are methods that will help you slim your stomach line without killing yourself at the gym or by not eating.

  1. Tummy control garments

You would have surely heard of tummy control garments to shape your body but would have never believed it could make any difference. Isn’t it? Well, undergarment industry has brought for you abundant of options in shaping your body. Now, we have clothes that can tighten, lighten and shape the torso. They are available in various shapes and sizes.

Some of such undergarments include high-waisted shorts, tummy control pantyhose, tank tops of elastic or lycra, camisoles, body suits etc. The most popular brands among tummy control garments are Spanx, TC Shaping, and soma.

  1. Choose a body wrap

Body wraps are spa treatments that aim at slimming the midsection are perfect to shape your body. After being trained, the treatment can be done at home. Though there are the several processes, the basic involves steps and applications of body products.

The process starts by aesthetician massaging and scrubbing the midsection of your body which is then rinsed in the shower. The body scrub is a mixture of herbs and minerals used to remove the impurities of the skin making the fat look reduced in size.

The body is then rubbed with oil and lotion containing various properties. The next step is wrapping linen, plastic or thermal sheet around your midsection. The part of the body is then heated with electric thermal blankets for 30 minutes. This enables the body to sweat.

After this, the blanket is removed and the body is again massaged to increase the blood flow. Though, this process doesn’t reduce your weight but is quite beneficial for removing cellulite or fat from the midsection. With repeated treatment, it can make a difference but temporary.

  1. Corseting and waist training

This method of shaping involves wearing a binding garment across the abdomen. Corseting if done in moderation can help a great deal in slimming your midsection without much effort.

According to doctors, corseting does not help in losing fat cells but it can help you lose weight by controlling on your diet. Wearing corset while you eat helps in eating less than you normally do.

However, be careful not to be too harsh on yourself. Don’t wear it too tight or too frequently. As it keeps your stomach pressed, overeating may cause vomiting. It can also be used to heartburn.

While you go shopping for a corset, make sure the sales staff has a proper knowledge about the same. Buy a proper corset according to your size so it is not too tight or too loose to lose its utility.

So these were the 3 ways to can shape up your body if you are too busy to exercise.

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