Why You Should Be Using Retinol for Your Skin

Chances are, you’ve probably heard how much retinol can help your anti-aging skin care regime. But are you really using it as often as you should? So many other anti-aging products emerged onto the skin care market since retinol became popular decades ago, it’s taken some of the focus away from this amazing and trustworthy product.

You’re probably using some simple, go-to products and some of the latest and greatest to take care of your skin and help ease your laugh lines. But are you still using retinol?

Whether you are currently using a retinol product or you aren’t, you’ll be amazed and interested to see why you should continue using retinol in your daily regime.

It’s Backed Up By Science

In the scientific community, there are only a few types of anti-aging products you’d find in your regime that doctors around the world agree via research that actually demonstrate proven results. Do you know what they are? Hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and retinol. That’s about it.

And do you know which one is widely backed by research as the best anti-wrinkle cream ingredient? If you guessed retinol, you are correct. Retinol does more than just ease current wrinkles and prevent future ones from forming, it can also help even out pigmented skin, reduce acne, and best of all, encourage your skin to exfoliate and turn over, so you look glowing. Now who doesn’t want that?

It Helps Your Genes

Genetically speaking, you’ve got genes that are programmed dictating your aging skin to do whatever it’s doing. However, retinol can intervene and make those genes listen so you age slowly. You might be wondering how exactly retinol influences your genes. As you age, your collagen, hyaluronic acid production and elastin all decrease because of your genes, and this causes wrinkles. However, if you add a little retinol to your regime, retinol actually ups the ante on genes that decrease the production of collagen. This factor means your collagen breakdown simply won’t happen as quickly as it would of before without the retinol.

It Doesn’t Take Much

If you’ve ever shopped for retinol before, you probably know there are so many products offering differing percentages of retinol in them, you’re wondering what’s best. Know that it really doesn’t matter; any percentage will give you these great results. From higher percentages you get faster results, but you also have an increase in side effects. So really it is up to you how you go about it.

It’s A Simple Product to Add to Your Regime

Because it doesn’t take much, and it’s usually just one step you do at night and not in the morning, it’s an easy product to add to what you are already doing. Most people start using it every third night or every other night and build up if they are new to the product.

It’s Side Effects Can Be Managed

Most people have side effects the first six to eight weeks of using retinol. Flaking, dry red skin is the common result, but you can actually totally avoid these issues if you just start out slowly and remember to use a small dosage with a moisturizer.

It’s Easy to Find

You can find products with retinol in them almost anywhere. Know that you can go to your local drugstore, or mall, and get a good retinol product for your skin.

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