5 Tips To Get Started if You’re a Non-Runner

Thinking of starting to run? Are you a non-runner? Have you got tired of lazing around in the house?

Or is your daily exercise routine getting monotonous?

Then running could definitely set you off to a more exciting level of fitness. Think about it.

5 Tips To Getting Started If You Are a Non-Runner

  • Engage in some other physical exercises, then infuse running gradually into the routine

If you are one of those who does not have the habit of exercising daily or involve in any sort of physical activities, then starting to run right away is not a good option. You can begin with a walk and then run in the intervals. Begin with more walking and less running. Then gradually get the pattern inverted by running more than walking.

  • It is not mandatory to walk for getting started with running. You can do few short bouts of other exercises that you prefer any day and then run in the intervals.

And for the ones who have followed their fitness regimen diligently till date, irrespective of the fact that how boring it has turned for them, it is a great time to infuse running into your exercise routine. Since you people are already in the fitness-conscious zone, you know when to run and then slow down for a march or maybe a walk to regain the breath and then again hit tracks.

  • Keep your core tight and engaged

You need to keep a check on your body posture while you start running if you are a non-runner. If you let your tummy loose while running, then it wouldn’t be effective.

Keep your back straight and the core engaged while you run. By core engagement, it is meant that you need to pull in your stomach without holding your breath and maintain the tension there while you run.

Otherwise, you would soon develop a backache and getting rid of that paunch can remain a dream.

  • Decide on your suitable running route

Before you get started you need to select a running route that you are comfortable with. It can be a park, it can be the treadmill, it can be your house lawn, it can be the riverbanks, it can be the countryside roads, etc. Wherever you feel you can be secure while running and can enjoy the route, decide on that. And then hit the tracks.

  • Avoid listening to music while running

You need to avoid listening to music while running because your mind wanders away from the activity and you tend to miss the ‘high’ that runners feel when they enjoy running to the fullest.

  • Invest in good running shoes

You need to invest in shoes that are specifically made for the runners. They keep your feet safe from any injury while wrong shoes or old, worn-out shoes hurt your feet while running.

The transformation from a non-runner to a runner needs determination and excitement to get started with running. You need to hit the real tricks of running to experience that “runner’s high”.

Yes, that term is not a myth. It does exist. You just need to make it right.

From being a non-runner, soon you could be termed as a runner.

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