Skin Care Routine You Need To Follow In Your 30s

We all want to protect our youth, don’t we?

This implies regular exercises, right diet plan and also taking good care of our skin. However, as we get into our 30s, we actually tend to look older and this is when we must pull the strings close. A proper skin care routine is something we must essentially have. And we tell you a few you could follow!

  • Cleansing

Yes, a cleanser should be the top priority in your skin care plan. It makes sure that you begin with a clean skin, removing both dirt and makeup that would have been attached to your face whole day. You could always look for a product which would be less drying, especially during winter time. You could use a cleaning brush for cleaning the gunk which would be deeply stuck in our pores. It would also exfoliate, letting your skin absorb good stuff from the product you use.

  • Toning

Toners will get rid of the extra makeup and oil which your cleanser would miss. If the cleanser you use doesn’t have a toner, you must make use of a separate toning product after you have cleansed. You need to be wise in choosing the product especially if you have acne.

  • Serum

After you have cleansed and toned, you must apply serum that is a concentrated treatment. Serum would boost the efficiency of the skin care products you use, thereby improving the overall health of your skin and also enhancing the moisture levels of your skin. The serums would also infuse Vitamins A, C, and E in your skin. They are used in the morning as well as the night after you have cleansed your face, and are usually applied with gentle presses on the skin.

  • Facial mask

One thing that is common with skin care studies is that they all tell the face doesn’t get sufficient moisture. A good facial mask is an opportunity to moisturize your skin as much as needed. Using a face mask after the serum or using it as an overnight mask could do a great job to your face.

  • Moisturizer

We do not really need some special kind of moisturizers. We can just put on little lotion on the face before going out.

  • Eye Cream

The skin which is around our eyes and the skin on our hands are the first ones to show signs of aging. It would be a good idea to start using eye creams in our late 20s. While applying eye cream, we must be gentle around the eye.

  • Facial peel

Facial peels aid in exfoliating. Dead skin and a regenerating fresh skin layer, which would leave you with dewy, even and bright skin tone. Few peels are gentle enough for everyday usage while few could be used a couple of times a week.

Well, these are the simple things you need to do in your routine so that you maintain the fountain of your youth!


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