Look Young: 6 Ways Your Habits Are Sabotaging Your Skin

Alright, so you cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize – and so you have a fairly perfect beauty regime. You are proud of your skin care routine and feel your skin is doing just great. Well, we might not have good news for you. You are most probably sabotaging your skin and that too, without even knowing!

There are certain things that every woman indulges herself in, and thus messing with her skin. Let’s talk about 5 such villains which harm our skin more than doing good.

Read on to discover, after all, you need to keep your skin right, no?

  • Over-exfoliating your skin

Undoubtedly, exfoliation brings a glow to your skin. But how much should you actually do? What’s the right amount of doing it? We’ll advise you to play it safe. Limit it to once or twice a week. Further, if you flaunt a super sensitive skin, make sure you are using a skin exfoliator meant for sensitive skin, or else you’ll end up with skin inflammation and irritated skin.

  • Picking products just because your friends said so!

So your best friend just talked to you about the new cleanser that she has got and it is just perfect! Next time when you went to the supermarket, you purchased it immediately. Alert – wrong move!

Do not copy your friends blindfolded. Choose the cleanser made for you and which is right for you keeping your skin quality, texture and beauty regime in mind.

  • Going overboard with moisturization

This goes without saying; moisturizing is one of the main parts of your beauty schedule. But that in no way means that you should overboard it. Over moisturization can harm your skin, leaving your skin addicted to moisturizer. This way it loses its ability to adjust itself. Thus, have a proper schedule – apply it every morning and night, and do not overdo it.

  • Are you using wrong toothpaste?

Well, yes, this might sound a little bit weird the first time. But if you are having breakouts near your mouth, it is high time that you inspect the ingredients of your toothpaste. The presence of various chemicals and fluorides in the toothpaste make the situation worse. It is thus better to stick to natural products.

  • Your beauty skin has not changed over the years

If you are having the same beauty routine that you had during your college days – my friend, this is where you are going wrong. Just like your lifestyle and even your diet have changed over the years – it is the right time that you change your beauty regime too. Study and analyze your skin and the products which work well on it and blacklist the ones which don’t. Invest in a good eye cream and start fighting with aging symptoms right from the beginning.

  • You’re not detoxifying yourself

Living in a city has its set of pros and cons. The major con is to face that pollution that takes its toll on your skin. It is thus very important that you detoxify yourself internally. Make sure that your body gets rid of toxins before they start showing on your face. Try sticking to an alkaline diet. Taking baths with Epson salt also help.

How many of these ways are you guilty of sabotaging your skin? Shout out in the comments below!

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