Bizarre Weight Loss Tips That Might Work!

How many times have you pulled out your old pair of jeans from your closet and threw it back because you could not fit into it?

Nothing can be more devastating for you when you have been saving money for a Vero Moda dress. And you could get it at half of its price due to seasonal discount and then you realize that you cannot fit in that dress.

Those are the times when you get desperate to try out bizarre weight loss tips. It seems as if only dieting and exercising are not good enough.

Tip 1: Always Try To Eat In A Blue Surrounding

According to a survey, the color blue brings down the level of hunger and suppresses one’s appetite. You can change your tablecloth of your dining table to a blue color and the cutlery as well. Always try to choose restaurants and diners where the interiors are made of blue. And eventually, the lights will turn out to give a bluish tinge to the rest of the environment.

Experts say that blue helps to reduce the intake of food by suppressing your appetite. And thus, results in a 33% of your weight loss. It is recommended not to have red, orange or yellow colors near you while you are consuming food as it heightens your food intake level. It would sound weird but you can also try and wear blue colors if planning to go out for a lunch or dinner so that you don’t end up binge-eating.

Tip 2: Whiff The Food Rather Than Seeing It And Craving For It

Yes, it has been discovered by researchers that inhaling the smell of vegetables, meat, fish, chocolate, etc. can give you feeling of satiation rather than crave more for food. The more you see food, the more you gorge on it and make a pig of oneself.

Whiffing the food tricks your brain to think that you are consuming the food and hence, you stop craving for it. So this leads to a loss of your weight. Next time you get a craving for any food, just pick it up and take a sniff. You could lose an average of thirty pounds by following this bizarre weight loss tip. That’s all.

Tip 3: Make The Effort Of Tying A Ribbon Around Your Waist Or Tummy

The tip of tying a ribbon around your waist before you start eating sounds pretty weird. This tip has been given by fitness expert Valerie Orsoni.

Get that ribbon around your waist or tummy and make sure it is beneath your dress. This will make you alert of your level of food intake. The moment you start feeling that the ribbon is getting tighter on you. It works as a reminder that you are pushing off the limits and over-eating. So eventually you stop, to keep that ribbon comfortably around your waist or tummy.

Tip 4: Keep Vanilla Scented Candles Around You While Eating

Another weight loss tip is to invest on few vanilla scented candles. By placing them in your dining area it serves two purposes.

Firstly, the candles make the dining area aromatic. Secondly, studies have proved that vanilla scented candles curb down the dessert craving level. This, in turn, prevents you to imbibe loads of calories and results in a weight loss.

These are the few among many bizarre weight loss tips that people follow to fit into their old pair of jeans. When the waist size becomes 36 from the perfect 26, it is that time when you take up all these bizarre weight loss tips.

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