It Pays to be Pretty: Do Good-Looking People Make More Money?

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have been named as one among the world’s powerful couples. This was published in Forbes Magazine in the year 2015 along with other couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Bundchen and Brady have something in common other than this. They are financial powerhouses. Good looking people earn more and this is not true just in modeling and entertainment but also marketing and sales. How far does attractive good looks impact the workplace? What characteristics would be rewarded?


The study of the economics of physical attractiveness is known as Pulchronomics. Studies suggest that people who are attractive physically have an advantage compared to the people who have average looks in terms of earnings and employability. People who are attractive attract more of the businesses and hence, it makes total sense to hire them.

Tall and short

If a person is tall, there are chances that he or she gets paid more than the shorter ones. A recent study has unveiled that with every inch of the height, there is a salary increase of nearly $789 a year. To explain this gap, DNA of 6815 people who were unrelated were researched and a direct link was found between intelligence and height. Test results have found that people who are taller get high paid jobs.


Deborah L. Rhode who is a Law Professor has studied extensively the discrimination at workplaces based on appearances. Rhode also tells that nearly 60% of women who are overweight and 40% of men who are overweight have suffered discrimination in employment. As per an article in Forbes, overweight workers have been paid less compared to those who weigh less. In a study, participants were given resumes along with pictures of a set of job applicants. These participants were asked that they score those applicants depending on starting salary, job suitability and also employability. But what wasn’t revealed was that they were pictures of one person in different stages of surgery for bariatric surgery? To a considerable level, slimmer applicants were chosen for the job and given higher salaries to begin with.

Blondes get more

Researchers have shown that blondes usually get paid more. As per an article on Forbes, a study has indicated that blondes have been paid seven percent more compared to female employees with other hair colors. This boost in the salary is equivalent to a pay bump which an employee would get from an extra academic year, as per the study.

Penalty for prettiness

Being too much pretty could also work against you in your workplace. Studies say that many attractive ladies face discrimination during hiring while applying in professions that are male dominated, as per ScienceDaily.

What’re your views in this? How far is this fair? Let us know in comments!

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